windows cannot find integratedoffice exe

Windows Cannot Find integratedoffice.exe

If you’re experiencing Error “windows cannot find integratedoffice exe” then this guide will help.

It’s likely that the solution is as easy or complicated than fixing your problem, but there are some basic things which can be done in order to fix these solutions- first off make sure all necessary programs (including office) agree on where c:/users/name/.winext exists; if not create it for them individually by tapping alt+f2, entering gksudo nautilus and creating the .winext directory.

After this you could try to do a search for integratedoffice.exe in your file browser by tapping ctrl+f which should take you to the programs installation directory- open it up- if not already done so by admin write access error fix- rename all folder instances of “C:Program Files…” with “C:Program Files (x86)…” and vice versa; this will make sure that both 32bit and 64bit applications use their own correct directories:

If this doesn’t work, or there isn’t even an “.exe” in your installation directory you could try running the program from source; if not working install winetricks by typing in console:

sudo apt-get install winetricks Then, download the windows version of your program via torrent or directly from the official site if possible. Put it in a directory of your choice e.g. /home/user/.wineprefixes/appname and open up terminal again while being in that directory type: wine start appname_path.exe If this doesn’t work either try using winetricks to fake the windows system into believing that you are running windows XP sp3 by writing sudo sh -c ‘echo “winxp” >> ~/.wine/fake_windows/WindowsSystem32configsystem’ . Here are some examples on how to get known programs working with these measures taken before trying to play them:

If one of these isn’t working then try to find it’s package and download the debian version of the game. It should be a DEB file. open up your package management tool (sudo apt-get install gdebi) and install it by typing sudo gdebi filename.deb . Run the installer via wine as usually, if it fails make sure to follow step 4 from this list first before retrying again! If you want to run a program that has a GUI all you have to do is type winetricks –gui nameoftheprogram after which you can go through with steps 4 – 7 again. Some other useful winetricks commands would be for example using winetricks steam , winetricks rosetta (not sure if this one is really needed though) or winetricks gecko.